Blue Sky Tag Blog Award

Just in time of thank giving. I am thankful for this nomination
So when,
Deorahulsharma nominated me for Blue Sky Tag Blog Award it was a sweet moment of being appericiated by a fellow blogger and it encouraged me to keep doing.

Below you can find the rules for Blue Sky Tag Blog Award.

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer. 

  • As per rule I thanks deorahulsharma for nominating me


Q1. Why you write
Ans– My writing is my own road map it help me to find my way and it makes me feel alive.

Q2. which is your favourite place?
Ans– Home

Q3. Who is close to your heart?
Ans- My Mom, Shreya (my twin sister), Ankita Di

Q4. What do you thing about yourself
Ans- Alot to say

Q5. Most painful moment of your life?
Ans-when i was diagnosed with anemia (for 2 months)

Q6. Your favourite food?
Ans- bhindi ki sabzi

Q7. Most beautiful moment of your life?
Ans- Moment when i was born.

Q8. Any wish which you want to see in reality?
Ans- I wish that there were no more war.

Q9. Your favourite book?
Ans- Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

Q10. Any person you want to meet?
Ans- whoever is reading this.

Q11. Name anything which you hate the most?
Ans- I don’t hate anything but it hurts when someone betray

My nomination are –

  1. Second half woman
  2. Life and relationship
  4. Hummings
  5. Inked philosophy
  6. Sweta Ojha
  7. Melodies Physics
  8. Mysterious Soul
  9. Radhikasreflection
  10. The Enigmatic Creation
  11. The Pradita Chronicles 

My questions are-

  1. What are your favourite lines from a book?
  2. What was your biggest mistake in your life?
  3. What is love according to you?
  4.  If you get the chance in past, which one thing you like to change?
  5. Funniest moment in your life?
  6. What is failure according to you?
  7. What is your first priority?
  8. If you ever wanted to b actor/actress of any movie! Which role and which movie
  9. Favourite one liner you say everday or most of time?
  10. Your favourite song
  11. What kind of improvement do you suggest for our society?

Thank you for reading😊

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Believe in you

People will come
People will go
They will love
They will hate
They will appreciate
They will criticize
They will support
They will pull you down
They will trust you
They will doubt you

At the end…
You will win
Only if you believe in you.

Thank you for reading😊

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Threat to relationships

The greatest mistake humans make in their relationship is-

Listen HALF
Understand QUARTER
Think ZERO

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Release your wish

Release your wish
And I’ll release mine
Let’s release and
put an end to the thoughts
And feelings
That lay unfinished
Until lately
Indulge again in our fetish
Then feel blemished
Let’s talk rubbish
Let’s perish.

Thank you for reading

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Issues Solve Them

Ask each other for forgiveness,
God lies within.

Seek redemption,
Revenge holds hearts perpetually.

Give in to your soul,
Mind beholds perception.

Unity is no strength
Drown in union.

Ignite each other,
Don’t set fire to each other.


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Rainy Fairy

The sound of thunder seems scary.

But for farmer its the misci of “Rainy Fairy”

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Do search for permanent in temporary.

Every thing is temporary. Me you and everybody else are all temporary. It’s just that some of us has an affinity. To create some memories (best or worst) for a while that kind of give us feeling that lasts till our temporary ends!

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There are two kinds of people in the world.
The first who live their lives as oblivions despite of all the problems going on around them. 
The other , who keep on complaining, whining and Always blaming others. 
And very rarely,
There comes the third kind who are restless, reckless, fearless. They are those who want to change ,the ones who care enough to make a difference.

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Hold my hand dear!

Someone : So you must be happy right ?

Life : (*clueless expression*) Happy for what. I didn’t get you?

Someone : Really! you don’t know what I am talking about then listen, seeing me broken everyday, giving me pain, enjoying  miserable me.Peaceful for you isn’t it?

Life : (*gentle smile on the face and speaks*) I am not your enemy dear but before I give something I want to make you understand the value of it and make you very strong.

Someone :  By giving me pain and sorrow what are you making me understand and realising the value of what? Tell me?

Life : (*softly speaks*) Happiness and being strong.

Someone : (*fall on the knees and breaks down into tear and speaks*) how breaking me will make me strong, how pain and suffering will make me realise the value of happiness?

Life : (*offering hand toward person and says*) Today you may not aware of your strength but when you will decide and get back up you will understand what it felt like to be on knees sad, broken and miserable then you will cherish yourself strong and happy. You will enjoy every moment of life like its your last. Everything comes with a cost my dear. Have faith in me hold my hand move with me.

person gets up and hold the hand of life. they start walking together for unknown journey but walks towards something beautiful.


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Ohh Behna meri!!

Badi ho ya choti ho umar me,

Pr honi cahiye ek behen….
Bhai ko pyaar karne vali,

Pr sath hi tang karne wali,

Honi cahiye ek behen…..
Hasi k piche aasu ko samjhne vali,

Honi cahiye ek behen….
Galti pr daatne wali or samjhdari pe pyaar karne wali,

Honi cahiye ek behen…
Bhai ka dard samaj sake,

Aisa honi cahiye behen….
Jaanu, baby kehne wali GF ho na ho,

par gadha, duffer kehne wali,

Honi cahiye ek behen…
Dedicated to  Ankita di and shreyansha

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