Love and hate are not opposite, neither are chaos and solace, hatred can’t be present with the love And for the solace  to exist chaos is required One has the ability to create one of these If either one of them exist the other is also present. Thank you for reading 

Bring the change

There is so much to learn over here. Even if we spend every second of our life learning from our surroundings, we can’t possibly finish things. Instead we are wasting our time fighting and running for a race that has no possible end. We are busy trying to prove ourself to people who don’t even … More Bring the change

Believe in you

People will come People will go They will love They will hate They will appreciate They will criticize They will support They will pull you down They will trust you They will doubt you At the end… You will win Only if you believe in you. Thank you for reading😊

Release your wish

Release your wish And I’ll release mine Let’s release and put an end to the thoughts And feelings That lay unfinished Until lately Indulge again in our fetish Then feel blemished Let’s talk rubbish Let’s perish. Thank you for reading☺

Issues Solve Them

Ask each other for forgiveness, God lies within. Seek redemption, Revenge holds hearts perpetually. Give in to your soul, Mind beholds perception. Unity is no strength Drown in union. Ignite each other, Don’t set fire to each other. –itsVaibhavb