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to fly so high

What a pleasure
to rest my gaze
upon such unquestionable beauty
To have a moment
of absolute abondontment
of senses-truely
To live a dream
in a moment
so wonderfulled, so fully
to fill your smile
within my heart
embrace so very deeply
To be the truth
that your heart wishper
to you soft and gently.
To find the knowldege
you have held
through lifetime a plenty
and always feel the answer
without ever
questioning your divinity
breathing into life
the moment we have shared
throughout eternity..

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never give up

when you were a newborn, you tried a thousand time to get up and walk, you tried a thousand time to learn to ride bicycle. you have tried an infinite time to just to say “Dad”. But why do you fail in your life when you fail one time? why don’t you recall your childhood? why don’t you never became one who never give up to ride bicycle, who never give up and walked, who never give up to speak even “Dad”.

be that one who never give up and no one can ever stop you from becaming successful.

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Dark and light

Left was dark and the right was bright,
I was left on the very dark side,
Where a single hope was out of sight,
Then something bright caught my eyesight.
Which help me out by my side,
In the very dark it was beacon of light.

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Mentality matters

According to human, ant are little
According to Earth , humans are little.
According to Milky Way, Earth is so little

So don’t judge anyone as little or inferior. It is your own inability that you don’t see your own status.

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Life Lesson

Someone: Why always the third person come in between the two and distroy the bond.

 Life: Listen, your bond was really weak, it’s the sign of your failed relationship, third person never tried to destroy your bond.

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Idiot Box

He – Dear Television, do you know that we call you “Idiot Box”

Television – Yes, I know that!

He – Don’t you feel bad about it?

Television – Why should I feel bad about it? I Know, I am a box and an idiot is sitting in front of me for hour together. 

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Ready to run

Awkward handshakes,
Weird jokes I make
You take them all so, easily
Past the heartbreakes, And
All the mistakes.
We’ve got our chances to be free
So hold my hand and
Say your Goodbyes
Cause this is world
We’ll never see.

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And I question his inception
Aim to recast
And make it exceptional
But i was defeated
In dejection, I saw his revelation
And catched his power of speech

“How can you succeed,
When only I know what’s best for you”